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    1 the format of the writing module雅思写作考试的形式

the format of the writing module is actually very simple.the module lasts for 60 minutes. it is strongly recommended that you spend 20 minutes on task 1 and 40 minutes on task2. you may do task 1 first or task 2 first- the choice is yours. the most important thing is to pay attention to the time remaining. remember that this time includes time for preparation and time for checking your work.

    雅思写作考试的形式其实非常简单。这一部分共60分钟。强烈建议用20分钟时间完成TASK 1,用40分钟时间完成TASK 2。你可以先做TASK 1,也可以先做TASK 2,这由你自己选择。最重要的事情是注意还剩多长时间。请记住;在这段时间里不仅要构思写作,还要检查整篇文章。

    time is not the only factor you must bear in mind. Task 1 must be at least 150 words long. task 2 must be at least 250 words long. these are the minimum lengths stated by ucles, who developed the test.

你要牢记在心的事情不仅是时间。TASK 1文章至少要写150字,TASK 2至少250字。这是雅思考试的设计者——剑桥大学地方考试委员会规定的最低字数。

云顶网站在线登录     when i was teaching ielts writing classes, i knew many students who believed that 150 and 250 words were the maximum rather than the minimum. this is completely incorrect!based on what students produced in class and for homework, i believe that a task 1 report or letter should be at least around 180 words long, whilst a well-developed task2 essay should be at least around 300 words long.



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